easyDrive Driving School Instructor training   phase 1   Theoretical 

In Phase 1 we will teach you about the theory and hazard perception elements of the course. You'll be helped to get to grips with these subjects by our advanced learning materials and an easyDrive Driving School trainer.


You'll be given an introduction to all the things you're likely to cover in the entire course.
We also provide all the training materials that you need including CD-ROM-based learning aids. The learning materials include mock tests and other exercises to prepare you for the Part 1 exam, so that there are no surprises on the day.

Phase 1 Exam - Theoretical

Your first exam is a multiple-choice theory test. It contains one hundred questions on:

* Rules of the road
* Road safety precepts and practice
* RSA adi scheme
* Handling techniques, correct road procedures
* Venerable road users
* Pedagogical techniques and assessment of pupils 
* Dealing with pupils with language difficulties
* Dealing with pupils with physical disabilities
* Interpersonal skills


You need to gain an overall pass mark, answering 85 of 100 questions correctly. To be an instructor you will be expected to achieve a much higher standard!





















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