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Phase 2 concentrates on developing your driving skill ensuring you meet the high standards required to be a driving instructor.
This part starts off with an introductory course to outline what you can expect to cover in this part of your training. This will be under full exam conditions.

Phase 2 Exam - Driving ability exam

* Technical checks
* Secondary controls
* Instructional routines
* Correct Vehicle control
* Correct Signals & hand signals
* Emerging at junctions to the left/right
* Effective observation & right of way
* Hazard perception
* Driving test Q&A.
* Rules of the road.
* Correct lane position.
* Anticipation & clearance & crossing the path of oncoming vehicles.
* Progress & Traffic controls.
* Intersections & Roundabouts.
* Emergency stop
* Reversing into a junction.
* Turnabout
* Remedial tuition on any difficulties on all of the above
* Advanced driving test to establish level of competence.
* Learning the driving test sheet with marking and grading system.

We will be covering all types of road and traffic conditions. You'll need to perform a series of different manoeuvres and also complete a series of safety questions. During the drive you'll be expected to demonstrate a high degree of technical skill, anticipation and awareness.
When you pass you'll progress straight onto training for Phase 3






















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