easyDrive Driving School Instructor training - Phase 3 Instructional Ability

This is the final part of the course. To prepare you for your exam, you'll take a mock test under full exam conditions, so it's as much like the real thing as possible.
You have shown you are a very good driver. Now you'll need to show you can Instruct.
We will focus on developing your ability to teach a learner. we'll make sure you're well prepared for taking out a learner driver.
We'll take you through everything you'll need to know to pass the Part 3 exam.
You will also be taught how to use the dual controls effectively to control the car and keep it safe, while allowing your students to find their feet.

Phase 3 Exam - Instructional Ability

The final exam is a one-hour practical test, which examines your instructional ability and technique. You'll be asked to teach learners of varying levels of competence in two role playing exercises.
For the first of these exercises; an assessor will play the role of a learner with no experience.
For the second, the assessor will play the role of an intermediate driver, and you will be required to correct his/her errors.
These role playing exercises are designed to test your presentation, your range of instructional techniques and your ability to assess a learner driver's skills and weaknesses correctly.





















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